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Panel Thermostat AR1
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The AR1 panel thermostat has been designed for the distributed process control environment with the following user-oriented characteristics:
Panel Thermostat AR1
Typical applications for the AR1 are (without any other components):
  • Direct control of independent cooling and heating circuits,
  • Control of three-way valves,
  • Control of single cooling or heating circuit selected by external command signal, and
  • Thermostatic control with simultaneous driving of optical/acoustic alarms or defrosting devices.

The controller features the following resources:

The front panel is protected to IP54 and is covered by a polyester membrane. The display is visible through a suitably transparent window and the switches are of the tactile type.

The panel thermostat is parametrically programmable for each output in the following:

All parameters are programmable (separately or in groups) at all times (including during normal operation) via the serial port. This enables the Thermostat to be used as a slave to a master which dynamically alters set-points or performs fuzzy control.

The measured temperature value is the result of internal DSP filtering.

The four bit inputs enable control by local hardware. Each output function can be individually reversed (between heating and cooling), parameter changes can be enabled and disable the outputs.

Quamatic full screen AR1 Thermostat data The thermostat is automatically detected when in a Quamatic network.

In this case, all its data, parameters, settings etc are available on-line in hard real time.


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